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Robert Maxwell is probably best-known for the imaginative stoneware animal sculptures he produced in the 1960s in Venice, California. But he is much more than that. He is an accomplished potter who can and does produce just about any form on the potter’s wheel.

  Table of Contents
by Robert Maxwell
Discussions of early experiences and artistic influences
Youthful drawings show early talent
Maxwell at the wheel (2008)

by Jack Chipman
Robert Maxwell: A California Odyssey
Education through early commercial success
Robert Maxwell: A California Odyssey (con't)
Other Ventures, a Turning Point and Retirement

by Jack Chipman
Tips on collecting Maxwell ceramics
Gallery of maker's marks

by Jack Chipman
Brief primer on "How It's Done"
Gallery of vintage Maxwell ceramics

Gallery of contemporary Maxwell ceramics
Wall hangings and other art pieces
Gallery of Maxwell student's art
Maxwell inspired graphic art by Reza
Contact For information on Robert Maxwell and his work contact Gaye Lyn Maxwell: msglmax@gmail.com

Creativity is a beautiful marriage of the soul of spirituality, the sub-conscious emotions and the intellectual reflections of past experiences. The artist, through hard work or a moment of inspiration, suddenly captures the magic of this creative moment.
                                                          Robert Maxwell '08

Author: Jack Chipman
Published by: Dovie Hein, 2009
Contributors: Robert Maxwell,
    Jack Chipman,
    Don and Dovie Hein,
    Reza Shaikhzadeh
Photography: Jack Chipman,
    Norman Abbey,
    Reza Shaikhzadeh,
    Robert Birkenes
Revised: 2013, 2020

Maxwell's Self Portrait

Limited Edition Hardbound Book
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Maxwell-Inspired Art

Art by Reza

Student Work